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B, Franko Review 52 Performance England
Ball, Robert Review 27 Archive Republic of Ireland
Balls, Colin Portfolio 58 Landscape England
Balls, Colin Interview 58 Landscape England
Baltz, Lewis Feature 51 Landscape USA
Barney, Matthew Review 26 Performance USA
Barry, Orla Review 20 Multi-Genre Republic of Ireland
Barth, Uta Review 19 Multi-Genre Germany
Beatty, Francis Feature 4 Commercial Northern Ireland
Becher, Bernd and Hilla Review 6 Documentary Germany
Beecroft, Vanessa Feature 53 Conceptual Italy
Beecroft, Vanessa Review 26 Performance Italy
Bennett, Jim Book Review 2 Travel Northern Ireland
Berger, John Book Review 9 Family England
Berglund, Jocke Review 50 Nature Sweden
Berry, Ian Review 51 Photojournalism England
Beuys, Joseph Review 9 Photomontage Germany
Bhimji, Zarina Portfolio 48 Documentary Uganda
Bhimji, Zarina Feature 48 Documentary Uganda
Bishton, Derek Feature 33 Social England
Blossfeldt, Karl Review 6 Documentary Germany
Boberg, Oliver Review 19 Multi-Genre Germany
Boran, Michael Review 18 Macro Republic of Ireland
Botha, Lien Review 6 Documentary South Africa
Bouvet, Eric Book Review 9 Photojournalism France
Boyes, Kelvin Review 5 Documentary Northern Ireland
Boyle, Colin Review 4 Commercial Northern Ireland
Boyle, Maoliosa Review 17 Institutional Northern Ireland
Breakey, Andrew Review 9 Documentary Northern Ireland
Brennan, Tim Review 50 Performance England
Brettle, Jane Feature 6 Architectural England
Brotherus, Elina Review 30 Conceptual Finland
Browne, Father Francis Review 7 Family Republic of Ireland
Brügger, Susanne Review 20 Event Germany
Büchler, Pavel Feature 6 Education Czech Republic
Büchler, Pavel Review 7 Conceptual Czech Republic
Burch, Simon Portfolio 60 Documentary Northern Ireland
Burke, Ursula Portfolio 27 Family Republic of Ireland
Burrell, Lorraine Portfolio 46 Staged Northern Ireland
Byrne, David Interview 17 Manipulated Scotland
Byrne, Edel Portfolio 17 Documentary Republic of Ireland
Byrne, Gerard Review 19 Architectural Republic of Ireland
Byrne, Kate Review 25 Multi-Genre Republic of Ireland