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Habteslasie, Admas Portfolio 48 Documentary Kuwait
Habteslasie, Admas Feature 48 Documentary Kuwait
Hagemann, Christian Portfolio 50 Still Life Germany
Hall, Maxine Portfolio 45 Portraiture England
Halpin, John Review 19 Multi-Genre Republic of Ireland
Halpin, Louise Portfolio 20 Portraiture Republic of Ireland
Harrison, Chris Portfolio 21 Documentary England
Harrison, Chris Feature 21 Documentary England
Harrison, Judy Feature 54 Social England
Hartmann, Erich Review 7 Documentary USA
Harvey, Daniel Feature 27 Archive England
Hassink, Jacqueline Review 51 Gender Netherlands
Hassink, Jacqueline Review 25 Documentary Netherlands
Haughey, Anthony Portfolio 23 Portraiture Republic of Ireland
Haughey, Anthony Review 8 Multi-Genre Republic of Ireland
Haughey, Anthony Review 19 Documentary Republic of Ireland
Haywood, Thomas Portfolio 55 Narrative England
Hill, Christopher Book Review 4 Commercial Northern Ireland
Hill, Paul Feature 55 Archive England
Hill, Paul Review 52 Conceptual England
Hillen, Sean Portfolio 3 Photomontage Republic of Ireland
Hillen, Sean Review 23 Archive Republic of Ireland
Hilliard, John Portfolio 52 Conceptual England
Hilliard, John Interview 52 Conceptual England
Hogg, A. R. Feature 23 Archive Northern Ireland
Hogg, Alexander Robert Review 7 Family Northern Ireland
Houston, Peter Review 8 Documentary England
Hughes, Jimi Portfolio 18 Portraiture Northern Ireland
Hulusi, Mustafa Portfolio 44 Conceptual England