21-12-10 – Winter Solstice

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Dublin, December 2010

Even the sound of those two words – Winter Solstice – has a comforting feeling. It marks the day when those of us in the northern hemisphere begin to swing back and claim more daylight. It is a moment where the presence and absence of light counterbalance each other, giving places above a lattitude of 66.5 degrees north a continuous night, while those below a lattitude of 63.5 south a continuous day. Today in Dublin, as we continue to experience with most of Europe a Climate Change Winter, I noticed four different types of snow and yet it soothes me that I may have more light to work with tomorrow. It all begins again tomorrow and yet


I promise myself.


Unlike today.

Will be another day.

And yet we all know

That tomorrow

Has already been and gone,

And that yesterday will return

As before,

To haunt us, hunt us, hang us

Though not necessarily in that order.

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Dublin, 21-12-10