Oristown – On it Goes

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Innocent Landscapes, Resumed Search, Oristown, March 2011

Every now and then its nice to be wrong. The impending sense of closure felt on my last visit has for now been pushed into the distance. An impromptu bridge links the first of the three banks of turf that were recently searched and leveled to a new part of the bog that has never been examined. The pattern of activity remains the same. Compressed time expands into heaps of sifted earth that will be returned for future generations to possibly exhume again for heat and warmth. A short distance away a long narrow mound of turf remains atop of the bog. This bank of turf is now level again but there is no room for this ridge of turf. It simply wont fit back in. It stubbornly resists. This small raised scar.  This refusal to go away. Another wee metaphor.