Online 2011

University College Falmouth

BA (Hons) Photography

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The Old Truman Brewery
91 - 95 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


From: 23rd June 2011
Until: 27th June 2011
10:00 am - 7:00 pm


23rd June 2011
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Photographers on this Course:

Tora Alexandersen

Tora AlexandersenTora AlexandersenTora AlexandersenTora AlexandersenTora Alexandersen

Olivia Astin

Olivia AstinOlivia AstinOlivia AstinOlivia AstinOlivia Astin

Jonathan Barclay

Jonathan BarclayJonathan BarclayJonathan BarclayJonathan BarclayJonathan Barclay

James Barnard

James BarnardJames BarnardJames BarnardJames BarnardJames Barnard

Amy Behrens-Clark

Amy Behrens-ClarkAmy Behrens-ClarkAmy Behrens-ClarkAmy Behrens-ClarkAmy Behrens-Clark

Anna Brennan

Anna BrennanAnna BrennanAnna BrennanAnna BrennanAnna Brennan

Andrew Carson

Andrew CarsonAndrew CarsonAndrew CarsonAndrew CarsonAndrew Carson

Jamie Clark

Jamie ClarkJamie ClarkJamie ClarkJamie ClarkJamie Clark

Jennifer Faulkner

Jennifer FaulknerJennifer FaulknerJennifer FaulknerJennifer FaulknerJennifer Faulkner

Matthew Fessey

Matthew FesseyMatthew FesseyMatthew FesseyMatthew FesseyMatthew Fessey

Hannah Godley

Hannah GodleyHannah GodleyHannah GodleyHannah Godley

Emily Hardisty

Emily HardistyEmily HardistyEmily HardistyEmily HardistyEmily Hardisty

Tom Harrison

Tom HarrisonTom HarrisonTom HarrisonTom Harrison

Charlotte Hartley

Charlotte HartleyCharlotte HartleyCharlotte HartleyCharlotte HartleyCharlotte Hartley

Leo Heinze

Leo HeinzeLeo HeinzeLeo HeinzeLeo HeinzeLeo Heinze

Sunniva Johansen

Sunniva JohansenSunniva JohansenSunniva JohansenSunniva JohansenSunniva Johansen

Stephen Jones

Stephen JonesStephen JonesStephen JonesStephen JonesStephen Jones

Mark King

Mark KingMark KingMark KingMark KingMark King

Maja Korbøl

Maja KorbølMaja KorbølMaja KorbølMaja KorbølMaja Korbøl

Kayung Lai

Kayung LaiKayung LaiKayung LaiKayung LaiKayung Lai

Hayley Morris

Hayley MorrisHayley MorrisHayley MorrisHayley Morris

Ben O'Gorman

Ben O'GormanBen O'GormanBen O'GormanBen O'GormanBen O'Gorman

Rob Oades

Rob OadesRob OadesRob OadesRob Oades

Daisy Offer

Daisy OfferDaisy OfferDaisy OfferDaisy Offer

James Parker

James ParkerJames ParkerJames ParkerJames ParkerJames Parker

Rosy Pearce

Rosy PearceRosy PearceRosy PearceRosy PearceRosy Pearce

Tessa Pearson

Tessa PearsonTessa PearsonTessa PearsonTessa PearsonTessa Pearson

Tamzin Plummer

Tamzin PlummerTamzin PlummerTamzin Plummer

Rebecca Read

Rebecca ReadRebecca ReadRebecca ReadRebecca Read

William Paterson Rouse

William Paterson RouseWilliam Paterson RouseWilliam Paterson RouseWilliam Paterson RouseWilliam Paterson Rouse

Aidan Rumble

Aidan RumbleAidan RumbleAidan RumbleAidan RumbleAidan Rumble

Becky Kate Shepherd

Becky Kate ShepherdBecky Kate ShepherdBecky Kate ShepherdBecky Kate ShepherdBecky Kate Shepherd

Cameron Sweeny

Cameron SweenyCameron SweenyCameron SweenyCameron SweenyCameron Sweeny

Antonia Tangye

Antonia TangyeAntonia TangyeAntonia TangyeAntonia TangyeAntonia Tangye

Olivia Trifunovic

Olivia TrifunovicOlivia TrifunovicOlivia TrifunovicOlivia TrifunovicOlivia Trifunovic

Sophie Turner

Sophie TurnerSophie TurnerSophie TurnerSophie TurnerSophie Turner

Belinda Warwick

Belinda WarwickBelinda WarwickBelinda Warwick

Catherine Wilding

Catherine  WildingCatherine  WildingCatherine  WildingCatherine  WildingCatherine  Wilding

Maeve Willey

Maeve  WilleyMaeve  WilleyMaeve  WilleyMaeve  WilleyMaeve  Willey

Lana Woroniecka

Lana WoronieckaLana WoronieckaLana WoronieckaLana WoronieckaLana Woroniecka

Bethan Wynton

Bethan WyntonBethan WyntonBethan WyntonBethan WyntonBethan Wynton


Blackpool and the Fylde College
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Brighton
BA (Hons) Photography

Mid Cheshire College
Foundation Degree Contemporary Photography

University of Chester
BA (Hons) Photography

Cleveland College of Art and Design
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Cumbria
BA (Hons) Photography

De Montfort University
BA (Hons) Photography and Video

University of Derby
BA (Hons) Photography

Dublin Institute of Technology
BA (Hons) Photography

IADT Dun Laoghaire
BA (Hons) Photography

Edinburgh College of Art
BA (Hons) Photography

University College Falmouth
BA (Hons) Photography

University for the Creative Arts Farnham
BA (Hons) Photography

Glasgow School of Art
BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography

Griffith College Dublin
BA Photographic Media

Griffith College Dublin
BA Photographic Media (Part Time)

Hereford College of Arts
BA (Hons) Photography

Hereford College of Arts
FDA Photography

Kingston University London
BA (Hons) Photography

London College of Communication
BA (Hons) Photography

The National College of Art & Design
Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging

University of Wales, Newport
BA (Hons) Photographic Art

University of Plymouth
BA (Hons) Photography

Portsmouth University
BA (Hons) Photography

Staffordshire University
FDA Creative & Cultural Industries, Digital Media

Swansea Metropolitan University
BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts

Swansea Metropolitan University
BA (Hons) Photojournalism

University of Ulster
BA (Hons) Photography



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