New Wave 2: Margaret Street Gallery

Margaret Street Gallery started as a partnership between Zelda Cheatle and the collector Deborah Goldman. As Goldman explains, discretely, this partnership 'was short lived' and now she is the sole Director. Although she may be discrete about her business dealings she is candid in her opinions about the programmes of other galleries and the kind of work she wishes to show. Hilariously, she describes her near neighbour the Photographers' Gallery as 'wholly uninspiring' and is very down on a group she characterises as the '40-year-old white male photographers', although unfortunately this same reviled demographic are apparently the people who actually buy photographic prints.

It may be that Goldman is just finding her way in running the gallery. It is hard to take seriously her intention to exhibit work that is 'even 2 and 3D' but the gallery programme does feature predominantly young artists that are not shown elsewhere. And although she may claim she can bully those '40-year-old white male photographers like there's no tomorrow' I have to report that Deborah and Lily were not at all intimidating. Undoubtedly there will be many that welcome their ambition to sell 'affordable work to a younger demographic'.


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