New Wave 6: Brighton Photo Fringe

The office for the Brighton Photo Fringe is tucked away in the sprawling campus of the University of Sussex. Jane Noble, who I met there, was struggling with a cold but welcomed me in and told me about the festival's history and some of the facts and figures about the 2012 event that had just finished.

The point of the festival is that it is 'totally non curatorial' which distinguishes it from the Brighton Photo Biennial which I suppose is therefore able to be 'totally curatorial'. I was hoping to find some evidence of friendly competition between the events but Jane ignored my attempts to provoke her into preferring their own DIY ethos to the fancy 'international festival'. She did say that anyone can take part in the Photo Fringe and that as a result it is a 'chance to play' which sounds nice. She also said she would like a cake for their tenth anniversary. I hope someone provides one. It is true, as she says, that their logo would be very easy to render in cake form.

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