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The new issue of Source has a number of stories about the closure of galleries and the appointment of new new Curators and Directors. One unexpected story was the closure of the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery. Unusual among galleries that sell art (rather than publicly funded galleries that just exhibit it) the programme of Brancolini Grimaldi was exlusively contemporary and included shows of little known European artists like Peter Pillar who had not shown in the UK before, alongside British photographers like Clare Strand, Peter Fraser and Sophy Rickett.

The stated reason for the closure was the ending of a lease but at the same time the two partners in the gallery (Brancolini and Grimaldi) went their separate ways. The Gallery has subsequently reappeared as the Camilla Grimaldi Gallery representing the same artists and in a nearby (temporary) gallery space. I went along to visit and spoke to Averil Curci, the Director, about their plans and how she saw the photography market in London. She says they are planning to add a few more artists to their line-up and have asked Paul Wombell (the former Director of the Photographers' Gallery and more recently the Mois de la photo in Montreal) to help them.

She sees London as a European centre for photography and expects to be involved in the planned Photo London in May 2015. I asked her if she noticed any current trends in the work she was seeing and she identified 'photography becoming more material, whether it's embroidered photographs... treating the object itself in a different way'. But before you start embroidering, they don't invite submissions to the gallery new artists will be recommended by Paul Wombell.


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