The Photographic Score

The new Source includes a portfolio by Jez riley French. He describes his works as 'scores for listening' and they consist of one or more photographs, often abstract in appearance, and some text that guide your way of looking and listening. In this film he explains what he is looking for in a sound recording or photograph and why he puts them together.

You can hear or see more of his work on his website where you will also see that he makes his own specialist microphones. If you want to record reeds or newts for yourself then this would be a good way to do it. He has also undertaken a number of commissions like this recording of office ambiance at The Wire magazine or the resonance of Tate Modern.

Angus Carlyle has co-authored a book of interviews with field recordists called 'In the Field' which is a good place to start if you want to further explore his idea that certain types of field recording resemble certain types of photography. Dawn Wilson thinks it is more productive to compare photography to music than to painting which she will expand in her forthcoming book on the Aesthetics of Photography.

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