Publishers at Offprint London

At Offprint I took the opportunity to speak to some publishers I only knew from reviewing their books. APE (or Art Paper Editions) produce varied unpredictable books. Jurgen Maelfeyt, the publisher, explained their ethos and also described how they only became an ongoing publisher when a visit to a previous Offprint Fair had been a success (an example of a publishing fair creating a publisher).

Clare Kelly of Hesse Press had some interesting reflections on her responsibilities to the artists she publishes who, although they are a small publisher, get 100 copies and a fee. She also noticed a difference in the publishing scene at Offprint and in the US where there is no public subsidy and, as she saw it, people were more open to say where their money had come from.

Edward Newton, who runs Highchair Editions with his brother James, supports himself and the family publishing habit by working in a pub.

Trine Stephenson launched the fifth edition of The Plantation Journal at Offprint. It is a kind of anthology around a theme and functions like a printed exhibition, on this occasion entitled 'Sculptural Corners'. Of course she also has a presence on the web and social media but explains that a printed magazine is something you can talk to people about when you meet them.

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