Photobook Bristol: Selling Books

publishers tables, image Hannah Watson

publishers tables, image Hannah Watson

Sonia Berger is one of the founders of Dalpine an online bookshop and publisher. She previously worked in a publishing house. She believes that the growth in photobooks is partly due to the financial crash which put photographers out of work (gave them more time to pursue their own projects). Asked if there is a general audience for photobooks she says Paloma al Aire by Ricardo Cases has reached a wide audience. In general however, 'Few people outside the photography or design world are interested' but she thinks they may become interested when they see what the photobook has to offer.

Meanwhile, in the UK the Photobookstore, run by Martin Amis does a similar job in making available those self published or exotic books that are hard to find elsewhere. Martin had a stand and was selling books at Photobook Bristol for the third year. He said he thought there were probably the same number of good books produced as in the past but, since so many more titles were produced each year, if in smaller numbers, this would imply there were a lot more bad books. What had changed was that there was no distribution to shops like Waterstones. This was a recurrence of the theme I'd heard most often repeated in one form or another, the lack of a mainstream alternative: the publishers or distributors who could find a bigger audience for the photobook.

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