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The Archive of Modern Conflict

The Archive of Modern Conflict is in a large house in an expensive part of West London. I visited in 2005 to conduct an interview with Timothy Prus (published in Source 43) and when we visited again to make this … Continue reading

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Running the Royal Photographic Society

Michael Pritchard was made the Director General of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) last September. Before that he had worked at Christie's as a photography expert and had completed a PhD about the early years of the British photographic industry. … Continue reading

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The Jo Spence Memorial Archive

Jo Spence is one of the most important and well known figures in post-war British photography yet is strangely neglected in the UK. This position in the culture is nowhere more clearly expressed than in the Jo Spence Memorial Archive … Continue reading

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The Largest Photo Archive in the World

Getty Images is well known, with Corbis, as one of the dominant commercial picture libraries. Most people would encounter it through its website but behind the website is a physical archive in North London. I went to meet their curator … Continue reading

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