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Over the weekend I was at PhotoIreland in Dublin to view photographers' work as part of the Portfolio review sessions. The sessions took place at Moxie studios (one of the main venues for the Festival) which provided a relaxing setting for the event. Forty-five photographers had been preselected to present work to eighteen curators and editors, the majority of whom were from a variety of national and international organisations.

Taking a break between sessions with other reviewers and photographers. Publisher Markus Schaden, Karen McQuaid from The Photographers' Gallery and Trish Lambe from The Gallery of Photography.

In addition to the opportunity to see new work, part of the pull for reviewers is the opportunity to meet up with fellow reviewers, many of whom are regulars on the festival circuit. I spoke to Louise Clements from Quad and Format Photography Festival in Derby who revealed that she has just joined the editorial board of Next Level magazine. She outlined plans for the magazine’s link-up with the photography course in Derby as part of their research program. Louise also revealed that there will be a special issue of Next Level to coincide with Format Festival next year. With 'Factory' as its recently announced theme, the festival is tapping into one of the most popular subjects for the urban photographer. Louise admitted some trepidation about the possible deluge of submissions.

Photographers in discussion with Leszek Wolnik from Copper House Gallery and Andreas Muller-Pohle from European Photography

Amongst other magazine editors the changing landscape of publishing was a common thread for discussion. Marketa Kinerova of Fotograf in Prague was amongst those considering their options for an App version of a printed magazine. Meanwhile Dagmar Seeland from Stern spoke about the demands of increased workload for their designers and photographers in producing their new App.

Book publisher Dewi Lewis continues the discussion outside

Karen McQuaid from the Photographers' Gallery was combining her festival visit with a trip home to Dublin. Karen was upbeat about the Gallery’s new space, their presence online was a subject of conversation, in particular how to ensure that the physical space of the gallery remained centre stage, rather than being overshadowed by the material provided via their web site.

The review sessions finished on Sunday with a projection of all the work. This was a good opportunity to get both an overview of the various projects and the overall quality of the work being presented. The reviewers selected Concresco by David Galjard as the most interesting work, the prize for which is the offer of an exhibition at next years festival. Readers of Source can find out more about this work in the next issue when the book of the work will be reviewed. Source will be holding its own meetings with photographers in Dublin and Belfast in early September details of which are on our web site.

Cover of Concresco


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