How to Curate a Digital Programme...

When the Photographers' Gallery reopened in May as well as redesigned gallery spaces it also boasted a new Curator of Digital Programmes, Katrina Sluis. Visitors to the Gallery were also immediately greeted by a large screen next to the cafe and over the staircase that leads down to the bookshop. This 'Wall' was screening (is that the right word?) the first show of the digital programme Born in 1987: The Animated GIF. Not long after this I met Katrina in the Gallery to talk about what her role would entail.




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  1. Sam Cornwell says:

    "You can open up a photograph as a piece of audio with the right programming"

    Alternatively I could take this piece of audio and open it up as a photograph [with the right programming]. This is all possible because every computer file is made from the same soup, unlike art forms pre-digital age.

    Will you be at the gallery often, Katrina?

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