Copeland Book Market 2013

On Sunday I went to the Copeland Book Market. Situated in a car park with a bar on the top deck and a generally improvised feel it is the perfect setting for small publishers. There were a number I hadn't met before so I took a few moments to talk to them.

First I spoke to Bjarne Bare from Melk, a gallery in Oslo. It's true, as Bjarne says, that we hear more about other Scandinavian countries so I was interested to hear how things were different in Norway. He emphasised the links with neighbouring countries but in particular a common experience of photographers returning to Norway after studying in the UK.

Two tables behind Bjarne was Ines de Bordas who had come to sell her book 'Far' which she had just launched at Arles. This is the first book of her new publishing venture Adad Books.


Also there were Café Royal Books, the solo mission of Craig Atkinson. This is an unusual enterprise publishing classic black and white documentary picture stories in a minimalist zine format, like the magazine 'Reportage' in chapbook form. They're in a limited edition but with the limit set by the printing method rather than for exclusivity.

Also from the North of England were Village books set up by Ben Holmes and Joe Torr. They hope their bookshop will help create a focus for new cultural activity, especially in photography where their interest lies. They plan to start publishing books by artists in Leeds and Yorkshire soon.

See titles from these publishers and others at Copeland Book Market reviewed in future issues of Source.

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