Graduate Photography Online 2014

We are starting to accept bookings for Graduate Photography Online 2014. This year we have made a short film about Graduate Online to introduce it to students who haven't come across it before. In the film John Duncan (my co-editor) explains how it works, Clare Gallagher talks about her experience as a student and after graduation, and Hannah Redler, who's Head of Media Space in London talks about why looking at new work on the site is useful for her.

Hannah will be looking through this year's work to make an introductory selection of the MA graduates. Other selectors are, for BA: David Drake (Director, Ffotogallery, Cardiff), Lorenzo Fusi (Director, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool) and Karen Downey (Curator, Belfast Exposed); For MA, alongside Hannah will be Paul Moakley (Deputy Photo Editor, Time Magazine) and Dewi Lewis (photographic publisher).

The idea of the introductory selections is to give a range of professional opinions about the work and to offer a way into the site. You can search by course and by genre but there's a lot of work to look at, so it's helpful to start by seeing what has caught the eye of a curator or publisher. The purpose of Graduate Online, as Hannah says in the film, is to makes it easier for people to see the work even if they can't get to the degree shows. And this has been the experience of many people who use the site, including publishers and curators, and not only the one we invite to do so.

We also want the site to be a valuable record of the work of different courses, many of whom have taken part in Graduate Online since it started in 2007. And most of all to be helpful for the many students who have taken part in the past and who will take part this year. Either by making the site easy to use or by creating a platform to see the result of all their hard work. So, if you're graduating from a photography BA or MA have a look at Graduate Photography Online 2014 and consider taking part this year.


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