Arles 2014 Day 3

The third day of Arles for us seemed to be dedicated to books. We started with Erik Kessels' Dutch photography show, a lot of which had originated in books, then we went on to Cosmos, a publishers showcase, then on to Marcus Shaden's presentation about his Photobook Museum project before ending up, where we had started on Monday, back at the Photobook Shop to speak to the Austrian publisher Fotohof.

Our conversations seemed to take in the entire span of book production from the new self publisher Nicolo Degiorgis through to the canonisation of books in a Museum or library (Fotohof have a photobook library with 12,500 titles). Alongside the conviviality we had experienced since we arrived we were also aware of the DIY ethic that many of our interviewees espoused. There was a sense that, notwithstanding its popularity, publishers had to create their own niche in the Festival by collaborating. Perhaps that's why it was one of the liveliest strands of the event.

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