Search for New Photography Continues

Impressions Gallery

I was at Impressions Gallery in Bradford on Saturday, as part of the Ways of Looking Festival, to meet photographers and try to find new work for Source to publish in our portfolio pages. We had received over 120 initial submissions by email, which I had whittled down to a shortlist of seven photographers to meet on the day.

Davide Maione is the photographer in the picture. He is a recent graduate from the MA in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster. He was one of the photographers I had selected as part of the MA Graduate Photography section of the Source website. So, although I had some sense of his work, it was useful to be able to discuss it in person and to see what he had been working on before and after his final graduate show.

It proved an exciting day in terms of all the work I got to see (and a welcome break from the office). I asked some of the photographers to send a tighter edit of the pictures they showed me, tailored to the eight pages of the portfolio section. This will feed into a wider editorial discussion. If any of them survive that they will end up in the pages of the magazine.

Davide Maione (left) shows John Duncan his work

I was also able to meet up with Anne McNeill and Pippa Oldfield from Impressions Gallery to find out who is on their radar. And, being a festival, there were other photographers about, including Alex Currie of the Human Endeavour Collective and Red Saunders who is showing at Impressions. Stuart Griffiths was also there to launch his new book The Myth of the Airborne Warrior along with editor Gordon MacDonald.

The Hungarian Social Club Bradford

Diane Bielik installation, inside the Hungarian Social Club

Walking around the festival’s carefully curated shows – on the theme of ‘evidence’ – it was interesting to see Diane Bielik’s work which had been published in issue 66 of Source. The prints were pasted up at the old Hungarian Social Club where the original images had been made. Downtown, the hoardings around the temporary urban garden were being put to good to use, to exhibit Bradford Grid’s ongoing photographic survey of the city. And, at the National Media Museum it was good to have my lapsed faith in documentary photography renewed by the Daniel Meadows retrospective. His book and a number of exhibitions at the festival will be reviewed in the next issue of Source.

I will be at Street Level in Glasgow on the 12th November to look at more work from photographers. The submission deadline for this is Friday 28th October and full details are in the submissions section of the Source web site. After that I hope to  be in Cardiff at Ffotogallery in February.

Bradford Grid Collective, installation on hoardings City Centre

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